6 Signs Your Family May Need a Lawyer

Many people think that dealing with family matters doesn’t require the services of a family lawyer. If it does, then they usually see it as the last resort when things become worse among family members. Typically, family issues are covered by family law specialist, a field of legal practice that deals with marriage, adoptions, divorce, child custody, and many more.

Lawyers who specialize in this field of law have the primary role of keeping families together. If that’s impossible, they should at least find the best legal option to maintain love and peace among the members.

However, many families don’t realize the importance of working with a legal professional. Thus, to help you know when your family may need a lawyer, below are the six signs to consider from the get-go:

When you’re preparing for marriage

When you get married it is one of the most exciting life events for a couple, it however can become complicated in terms of your legal affairs, especially when it comes to both financial and legal obligations to a spouse. Hence, if you’re getting married soon or in the near future, it makes sense to speak with a family lawyer to gauge whether or not you need to engage in additional services to just make sure you’re secure.

For example, your professional and experienced lawyer can help with documents such as pre-nuptial agreements before proceeding with the marriage, this ensures that all assets acquired prior to the marriage can be retained in the case of a divorce. Also, a pre-nuptial agreement drafted by an experienced lawyer like the ones at Barwick Boitano Lawyers can help you protect your assets and make sure you don’t have any financial missteps in the future.

When you’re filing for divorce

Usually ending a marriage through a divorce can be a complicated and overall overwhelming experience and process, it is a serious matter considering everything. From the division of assets and the determination of the ownership of your child’s time, the entire process can be quite traumatising if you do not have adequate representation.

This, therefore, requires you to hire the best possible lawyer for the situation, and we at Barwick Boitano Lawyers believe that during your divorce we are the best on your team. Depending on the reasoning for the divorce, your financial situation, and the circumstances a divorce can be quite a costly endeavour. Thankfully, with a legal expert on your side, you’ll be able to protect what is yours and hopefully come out ahead.

When there’s conflict over child custody

When a child is in the conversation, in attempting to get a divorce, child custody can become an issue. When you and your partner separate, what will happen? Who will get them? During what period? Conversations like this can lead to quite a few conflicts.

When these conflicts arise, you’ll be required to attend a court hearing and with Barwick Boitano Lawyers on your site, you can be assured that you will get the best result, but not only you but your child does also. The process of settling child custody can be quite difficult, however, we can assist you in all legal matters, in a friendly and local experience.

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