What Is The Role Of A Family Estate Lawyer?

A family estate lawyer has a very important role when dealing with the death of a person and the instructions left behind in their last will and testament. As the person or professional in charge of these proceedings, a legal expert can help to be a neutral party that follows the letter of the will in order to divide the belongings and financials. With a number of responsibilities and management needs, when handled by a skilled professional you can rest easy knowing your last wishes will be carried out to the letter.

Locate & Secure The Will

When dealing with these proceedings the most important element is to secure the will. While you should have a copy of the original under your watch as the estate expert, it may also be in the possession of the deceased or a family member. When a death occurs your legal expert will locate and secure the will to be sure it remains intact and unaltered.

Make Funeral Arrangements

As a professional to manage these elements it is highly important to utilise the assets available to direct funeral arrangements and ensure that any last wishes in this regard are also fulfilled. You must familiarise yourself with the will’s contents immediately, as it may contain instructions about the funeral. Provisions for the funeral, cremation, interment and memorial directions are sometimes outlined in the will as well. As the person in charge of these elements after death, it is part of the job to contact the funeral director and make plans according to the wishes of the deceased. Funeral expenses will be paid from the estate before assets are distributed to beneficiaries, to ensure that every element can be covered ideally before handing over anything.

Safeguard The Assets

When in this role it also falls onto the legal professional to secure any valuable assets that are to be given out to a family or friend. When dealing with valuables and where they need to end up, the will must be followed and all named assets must be secured in order to go to the correct party at the end of the day. It is the responsibility of the person in this role to ensure all items are accounted for and ready to be bequeathed. This job may include freezing bank accounts and placing cash, jewellery & other valuable items in a safe place.

When you need a family estate lawyer to handle your assets and will, be sure to get in contact with the trusted team in Australia. We can assist and support you to ensure all elements are covered as you wish. Contact us today to find out more about these services.

What Does A Family Estate Lawyer Do?

When a family member passes away, their family may be left with a need to settle pending debts as well as distribute family and estate assets. This can be stressful for your family, and the family of the deceased individual. In some cases, legal advice is required from a practising lawyer to manage probate and make the experience as smooth as possible.