5 Types of Lawyers in Parramatta

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in some kind of legal trouble at some point in your life. The police may suspect you of committing a crime, or you’ve found out a family member could end up deported soon.

If you’re looking for an attorney on short notice, it’s important to know all of the different fields of law in your area and who practices them. For example, a more rural area won’t have as many lawyers working in employment law as an urban area.

Here are five different types of lawyers in Parramatta that you should know about if you find yourself in trouble.

1. Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law refers to the set of laws made for punishing people who break the law and commit crimes. It’s one of the most important legal systems in the world, as it forces the court system to prove a person’s guilt before they can face punishment.

A criminal lawyer works to defend individuals who have been accused of committing a crime. In contrast, a prosecuting lawyer’s job is to prove without a doubt that someone has done the crime.

You won’t always need to call a criminal lawyer for every little dispute. For example, it would be a waste of time and money to hire an attorney if you got a speeding ticket.

The best time to reach out to one is if the police want to talk to you about anything that you feel is out of line or unnecessary. They may want you to share information on a colleague, your workplace, or even a family member. Even if you’re completely innocent, an attorney can help prevent you from accidentally implicating yourself in the crime or giving false information.

In the rare instance in which you find yourself accused of a crime, a criminal lawyer is your best line of defence. They have experience navigating the system and know how to prove your innocence.

2. Immigration Law

Immigration law is a serious issue wherever you are in the world. As long as people are moving into your country, they’ll need some kind of representation in legal matters they may not fully understand.

One of the main jobs of an immigration lawyer is walking you through the procedure of becoming a Canadian citizen.

In order to become eligible, you must become a permanent resident, meet the residency requirements, and pass a citizenship test, among other requirements. However, what trips a lot of people up is the paperwork.

An attorney can help you find the appropriate paperwork, fill them out, and file them on your behalf.

Immigration lawyers in Parramatta can also help you if you run into any legal troubles directly linked to your immigration status. Permanent residents who have committed a crime can lose their status and potentially get deported from Canada. Your attorney will work their hardest on your behalf to avoid a conviction and deportation.

3. Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation lawyers handle legal dealings regarding workers’ compensation claims. More specifically, they help an employee go to court against an insurer if they refuse to provide coverage for injuries sustained while in the workplace. You can also rely on a compensation lawyer to walk you through the process of filing a claim.

Between 2018 and 2019 alone, Australia spent more than $1,068.1 million on their compensation claims. However, most of them were paid far later than expected or not at all.

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer for your claim is essential if you want to receive your claim at all and in a timely manner.

First of all, look at their experience in the field and past success rate. Not all lawyers work in this field, and you want someone who knows what they’re doing.

You should also find out how they expect to get paid. Many lawyers in other fields expect payment based on the hours worked. Most compensation attorneys work off of a contingency fee, which means they get paid a percentage of whatever amount you won in your case.

4. Family Law

Sydney lawyers who deal with family law are tasked with a variety of issues such as marriage dissolution, child custody, and matters of guardianship. They also handle protection orders against domestic violence, name changes, and juvenile cases.

Family lawyers end up involved in cases where a child has been abandoned or neglected by their parent. They can help transfer custody of a child to another family member and assign guardianship. You can also turn to one if you’re a victim of domestic abuse and are unsure of where else to turn.

The best result an attorney can hope for is avoiding a court proceeding. Parties can reach an agreement outside of court and rely on their lawyer to formalise the arrangements. Mediation may also lead to more amicable relations after the case has been resolved.

5. Property Law

A Parramatta lawyer specialising in property law deals with the ownership of real property and personal property. They may work with a family or individual to handle the signing of wills and estate planning. A property lawyer will also get involved in disputes over the property after an individual’s death.

You should contact a property lawyer if you’re creating a contract or lease, validating a title, or if you have suffered some kind of personal property damage.

Personal property attorneys usually charge an hourly rate to represent them in court. They may charge either an hourly or flat rate to review documents.

Find the Right Lawyers in Parramatta

Looking for the right lawyers in Parramatta shouldn’t be a difficult task. Luckily, there are some law offices that house lawyers with varying specialities.

Barwick Boitano Lawyers has catered to clients in the Sydney area for over three decades. Our lawyers specialise in fields including but not limited to workers’ compensation claims, motor vehicle accidents, criminal law, and divorce law. Visit our website to see our legal team and contact us if you have any questions.

5 Tips for Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers in Parramatta

Injuries (unintentional and violence-related) take the lives of over 4.4 million people worldwide every year. These deaths account for 8% of all deaths worldwide.

If you recently survived an accident, make sure to call personal injury lawyers in Parramatta right away. With their help, you can fight for compensation to recover your losses. They’ll help you prove another party’s negligence caused the incident.

Not sure which Australian lawyers to hire? Here are a few tips that can help.

Start your search for legal representation with these tips today.

1. Gather Referrals

You can streamline your search for Parramatta lawyers by speaking with friends, family members, and coworkers. Ask your inner circle if they recently hired a personal injury lawyer. If they have, consider who they hired.

Ask about their experience working with the lawyer, too. You can draft a list of questions to ask, such as:

  • Was the lawyer experienced
  • Were they knowledgeable
  • What did your case entail
  • Did your lawyer accomplish your goals
  • Did the case go to court
  • How much did their services cost

Make sure to ask if they experienced any problems after hiring their attorney. If so, ask if the lawyer did anything to resolve the conflict. Look for an attorney who prioritises their clients.

Your inner circle might be able to provide insights that aren’t available online. They can also help you manage your expectations about the legal process.

Try to speak with someone who was in a similar situation to yours. For example, maybe you’re pursuing a medical malpractice or auto accident lawsuit.

If you’re unable to find a personal injury lawyer through a referral, check online instead. Make sure each lawyer on your list is licensed to practice in the area, too. If their license is out-of-date, strike them from your list.

2. Look for Experience

Before choosing between Parramatta lawyers, make sure each personal injury lawyer has years of hands-on trial experience.

Determine how long each lawyer has practised law. Consider how many cases they’ve handled in that time, too. Then, check on their recent experience.

Consider how many cases they’ve handled in the past year. If they took a short break, consider hiring someone with more recent case experience.

A lawyer with years of relevant experience will have more intimate knowledge of the laws and procedures involved. Experienced lawyers have also built up professional relationships over time. For example, they might hire a private investigator or medical expert to help build your case.

Courtroom Experience

You can’t predetermine whether your case will go to court or not. Make sure to cover your bases. Look for Parramatta lawyers who have years of courtroom experience.

Ask each lawyer how often their cases go to court. Then, ask about the outcome of those cases.

You could hire an attorney who feels apprehensive about trying a case in front of a jury. These attorneys might drop the ball with your lawsuit. They might even accept a lowball settlement offer without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.

An attorney who accepts a lowball offer on your behalf doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Instead, choose someone prepared to fight for your rights.

3. Consider Your Case

Personal injury lawyers handle various types of personal injury lawsuits. Think about the details surrounding your case. Then, find Australia lawyers who specialise in cases like yours.

For example, you might want to pursue a case involving:

  • Auto accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premise liability
  • Product liability
  • Wrongful death
  • Workplace accidents
  • Defamation

You can even break these categories down a little further.

For example, auto accidents involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians, and even Lyfts or Ubers. Medical malpractice can involve birthing errors, misdiagnoses, surgical errors, or medication errors.

Maybe you lost a loved one due to an accident. More than half of all road traffic deaths worldwide are among pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Look for Parramatta lawyers who specialise in auto accidents or wrongful death suits.

Determine how many cases like yours each lawyer has handled in the past. Consider the outcome for those cases, too.

4. Check Their Track Record

Once you find experienced personal injury lawyers in Parramatta, learn more about their case history. Ask each attorney about how many cases they’ve won versus lost throughout their entire careers. Try to find someone with a strong overall track record.

You might find the attorney has improved over time. Ask how many cases they’ve handled over the past three years. Then, determine how many of those cases they won.

How many of those cases were like yours?

Ask the attorney about the payout for each case, too.

Finding an attorney with a strong track record of wins can help you feel more confident in their abilities.

5. Schedule a Consultation

Consider scheduling a consultation appointment with two or three lawyers on your list. Then, discuss the details surrounding your case.

Make sure to bring any documents relevant to your case to the meeting as well. For example, you can bring expenses, medical bills, or pay stubs to show your lost income. Your lawyer will use this information to calculate the extent of your losses.

During the meeting, ask the lawyer about the legal strategy they would recommend. Determine if they’re capable of thinking on their feet.

Your lawyer shouldn’t give you a guarantee about the outcome of your case. Instead, they should help you review and consider different legal options. Then, they should develop their strategy with your goals and priorities in mind.

Ask each lawyer about their fee structure as well. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. They’ll only ask for payment if they win your lawsuit.

Make Your Case: Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Parramatta Today

Finding the best personal injury lawyers in Parramatta doesn’t have to feel stressful or time-consuming. Instead, use these tips to start narrowing down your options. Then, choose the attorney capable of winning your case.

With their help, you can win the compensation you’re rightfully due.

Ready to schedule your consultation appointment? We’re happy to help.

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Parramatta Lawyers: How To Find the Best Lawyer for You

As of 2020, there were more than 13,000 operating lawyers in Australia. However, these lawyers are different, and not all can suit your legal needs and budget. You need to pick perfect Parramatta lawyers to offer you quality legal representation.

Hiring the right lawyer increases the possibility of winning your case. They show up in the court and present the strongest case to defend your interests. They file legal documents correctly and submit them on time to avoid ruining your case.

Do you want to learn how to choose a good lawyer for your lawsuit? Here are tips for finding the best lawyers in Parramatta.

Ask for Recommendations

Going blindly to look for the best Parramatta lawyer isn’t a good idea. You’ll have a multitude of lawyers to analyze and compare to select a good fit for your case.

Researching many lawyers can be difficult and time-intensive. So, you might be tempted to settle for the lawyer you’ll come across first when searching. By doing so, you might get a chance to work with the best attorney in Parramatta.

Obtain referrals before you begin searching to simplify your work. With a list of potential lawyers, you don’t have to research all the attorneys in your area. You need to focus on those few options, compare them and pick the most suitable one.

To develop a referral list, contact your friends who have recently dealt with a case similar to yours. Ask your friends or family about their lawyer and if they’d recommend them to other people.

Don’t include them in your list if they didn’t enjoy peace of mind working with the lawyer. But if otherwise, don’t hesitate to ask for their contact details.

You can also obtain referrals online. Search the best lawyers in your area and identify the most recommended ones.

Conduct an Interview

After creating a referral list, don’t be complacent. Contact each lawyer and book an appointment to interview them.

Interviewing a lawyer gives you a chance to know them better and determine if they can make a good choice. You learn more about their background and services and make informed decisions. Hence, you increase the quality of your hire.

Interviewing a candidate isn’t as easy as you might think. You need to prepare for the interview to avoid leaving your curiosity unsatisfied.

Create a list of all the questions you’d want to ask during the interview beforehand. You can ask them about things like;

  •  Area of specialization
  •  Qualifications and experience
  •  Service costs
  •  Mode of payment and communication
  •  Location and availability

Also, inquire about the number of cases they have handled and their track record.

During the interview, be keen to see how the lawyer responds to your questions. Good lawyers are honest and provide detailed and thoughtful feedback. They’re not in haste to end the interview; they take time to enhance understanding and clarity.

When interviewing every lawyer, remember to write down good notes. You’ll need to compare them when making your final hiring decisions.

Consider Qualifications and Experience

Before choosing a lawyer, look at their academic qualifications first. Confirm they have a law degree from a recognized university. Ensure they passed their Bar exams and have a valid license to practice law in your area.

Also, check if a lawyer is a registered member of a body regulating attorneys. A lawyer must be qualified and certified to become a member of such bodies.

When checking the lawyer’s qualifications, don’t trust their words of mouth. Some lawyers don’t have the certificates to prove their qualifications. Ask your potential attorney to provide copies of their qualification certificates.

In addition to qualifications, check if a lawyer has experience in your area of interest. A lawyer can have excellent academic qualifications but have little or no experience.

To gauge a lawyer’s experience, confirm the number of years they have been practising law. The more the years, the higher the expertise and skills.

Also, check their track record to confirm the number of cases they have won. If they’ve got a successful track record, they’ve got higher experience in that area.

Consider Fees

Unless you’re getting pro bono services, you’ll need to pay your lawyer for their services. So, choose an attorney you can afford to pay without facing financial difficulties.

Lawyers charge different costs; compare them to pick the one that fits your budget. While experienced lawyers charge higher fees, don’t choose those with exorbitant costs. Find a lawyer that’ll give you the most value at reasonable fees.

When budgeting for legal services, don’t be stingy and create a limited budget. This can make you compromise on your needs and the lawyer’s competence.

If possible, choose a lawyer that charges on a contingency basis. These lawyers have a lot of confidence in their work and strive to win your case. You only pay them if they achieve a favourable outcome.

Check Availability

Your lawyer’s availability has a significant impact on the outcome of your case. So, hire an attorney who has adequate time to deal with your lawsuit.

To confirm your lawyer’s availability, look at their caseload. Do they have many pending cases?

If they appear overworked, look for another lawyer to work on your case. Some lawyers can delegate your case to their staff if they have a tight schedule. This can increase the chances of failing as some juniors are inexperienced.

Choose the Best Parramatta Lawyers

Choosing the best lawyers in Parramatta isn’t a cinch. You need to comb through the options available to find a perfect lawyer for your case. Without a clue about what to consider when choosing a lawyer, this can be difficult.

To help you, the above are tips for finding the right Parramatta lawyers.

Are you struggling to find the best family lawyer in Parramatta? At Barwick Boitano Lawyers, we got you covered. We have higher experience in family law, and we can ensure your case’s success.

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