Law Society


The Law Society of NSW acts as a community of the legal field and profession. They represent the voice and the interests of almost 30,000 members in NSW and seek to uphold the legal sector by being a guide for practicing lawyers, clients and the entire profession. Their main aim is to consistently reflect, instigate, reflect and promote reform or improvements in the law.

The Law Society of NSW origins back to 1842, when a group of solicitors decided to “promote fair and honourable practice among members of the profession so as best to preserve the interest and retain the confidence of the public”. Over a hundred years on, and the Law Society stands as the most influential direct legal membership association in Australia.

Not only does the Law Society of NSW continue to stand as a voice of the legal field in NSW and continue to propose alterations to uphold the practice in the best possible way, but they also unite the profession and support members of local and wider districts in hope to connect the profession, the community and the general public.


The Parramatta & District Regional Law Society is a regional Law Society of the Law Society of New South Wales. It represents more of a focused group of solicitors in the district of Parramatta for the local public. They too promote the very best of the legal system on a localised scale. Keeping united with our regional Law Society of Parramatta allows us to stay in touch with our local clients.


Being a practice within the Parramatta District, being a part of the Law Society of both NSW and Parramatta is important to us. We prioritise our clients and aim to deliver only the best results of justice. Being a part of the Law Society of NSW keeps us continuing to improve our practices and keep up with changing reforms of the law. We regularly communicate with the society and attend events they hold to ensure we keep in touch with other members of the wider community and stay united with fellow solicitors and practices.

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