De Facto & Same Sex Couples

De Facto Law & Same Sex Couples

In NSW the law recognises your relationship if you live together as a couple regardless of your sex.

You must be in a close personal relationship, that is between two adult persons, whether or not related by family, where one or other provides domestic support and personal care, which must not be for a fee or reward!

With same sex couples, if the existence of a relationship is disputed, it might be harder to prove and statements as to their relationship will be very significant.

In NSW there is no provision for any sort of registration of same sex relationships. However, untangling a same sex relationship is done using the same process as for a de facto or married couple

At BBlawyers we can give advice on the preparation of a Binding Financial agreement prior to a De Facto or cohabitation.

Binding Financial Agreements are an extremely effective way to regulate and protect your financial affairs if you are living in a same or opposite sex relationship.

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