The New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics collects statistics on a regular basis on the number of crimes for major offences that have been committed in New South Wales. The recent release of their Recorded Crime Statistics showed some interesting trends in NSW including increases in a number of major offences in Parramatta.

The Overall Crime Trend in New South Wales


According to statistics released by the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics domestic related assault, indecent assault and fraud increased significantly across New South Wales in the 24 months to March 2014.


In addition, there was a general decrease in other major offences including:

– Robbery without a weapon;

– Break and enter dwelling;

– Break and enter non-dwelling;

– Motor vehicle theft;

– Steal from a motor vehicle;

– Steal from a person; and

– Malicious damage to property.


The Crime Trend in Parramatta


Despite an overall decrease in some of the major offences, the crime statistics for Parramatta showed that there was a 47% increase in robbery with a weapon other than a firearm. In the 12 months to March, 2014 there were 173 recorded crime incidents for robbery with a weapon other than a firearm.


As well as an increase in robbery without a firearm the Outer West and Blue Mountains also experienced increases in the following major crimes in the 12 months to March 2014:

– An 18% increase in stealing from a retail store with 1,273 recorded crime incidents;

– A 12% increase in motor vehicle theft with 1,075 recorded crime incidents;

– A 14.3% increase in domestic assaults with 1,760 recorded crime incidents.


The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics also recorded crime incidents for the following major offences in the 12 months to March 2014:

– 11 people were murdered;

– There were 1,725 assaults that were not domestic violence related;

– There were 182 sexual assaults;

– There were 324 indecent assaults and other sexual offences;

– There were 299 robberies without a weapon;

– There were 47 robberies with a firearm;

– There were 3,199 break and enters;

– There were 2,812 stealing from a motor vehicle;

– There were 1,038 stealing from a residence;

– There were 495 stealing from a person;

– There were 4,011 fraud; and

– There were 3,275 malicious damage to property.


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