Five Things Family Lawyers in Parramatta Can Do For You

Did you know that there were 49,510 divorces granted in Australia in 2020? People are getting divorced at the median age of 45.6 for males and 42.8 for females.

Are you dealing with divorce or child custody issues? Maybe you are considering adoption or want a restraining order. These are all family law issues where you need professional representation to advocate on your behalf.

You need family lawyers Parramatta to handle those difficult situations and make your life simpler. Keep on reading to find out what a family lawyer does and how you can benefit from their expertise.

1. Support and Crisis Management in Your Divorce

Family law in Parramatta deals with all of the legal responsibilities between one or more parties who share a domestic connection including blood relatives and those connected by marriage. Divorce law falls within the jurisdiction of a family lawyer.

Divorce is mentally and emotionally exhausting. It’s hard to keep calm in these difficult circumstances while also negotiating or mediating in an unbiased way. You can choose to deal with the divorce on your own, but you may need third-party expertise on your side.

A family lawyer can help you with mediation and offer an unbiased view when dealing with emotionally charged situations. They can help resolve matters without going to court and enter into a settlement. In the worst-case scenario, they can represent you in court and advocate on your behalf.

2. Prenuptial Agreements

Before you get married, you want to make sure your prenuptial agreements are in place. The more assets you both have, the more complex your agreement will be. You can choose to grab a free template online and draft your own agreement, but there are complexities and nuances that you can miss.

You want a family lawyer to draft the contract who has prior experience in the area. They know what the pitfalls are, what the case law said, and what issues you may run into in the future. They have the right expertise to help you draft it and handle any issues as they arise in the future.

You will draft a prenuptial agreement today but may end up using it years down the line. Consider your current and future circumstances to determine the right division of property and spousal support. To get the fairest compensation, you want to make sure you have an expert review the contract on your behalf.

3. Child Custody Arrangements

If you are separated and share the responsibility for your children, issues may arise in dealing with the child custody arrangements. In the beginning, you want to ensure that the responsibility is split equally and fairly. If the custody agreement has been in place for a while, you want to make sure that the agreement is being followed correctly.

This is where family lawyers come in because you can turn to them for specialized and experienced advice. If you deal with it on your own, you may end up agreeing to terms that are not to your benefit. You might even end up getting emotionally caught up in the situation and make things worse for yourself.

Family lawyers can also work with you to determine child support payments based on the living situation of both parties. The decision is not as simple as looking at the total salary. There are many other factors that you and your family lawyer will need to take into account to come up with the fairest outcome.

4. Estate Planning

You probably think that family lawyers are just divorce lawyers, but family law is broader than that. It encompasses estates and wills. Remember that managing your estate and wills is not only of interest to seniors.

If you have children or dependents to take care of, you should consider getting your estate plan reviewed and your will drafted. Without a will, your estate will not be split according to your wishes. You also need the right documents to ensure that your kids are taken care of if something happens to you.

A family lawyer in Parramatta can help you with making sure your will is drafted correctly and your assets are distributed according to your will upon your death. If you have a business or real property, your estate can get complex. You don’t want your family to end up dealing with the financial and tax implications if you make a mistake when taking care of your estate and will on your own.

A family lawyer can review the documents, analyze the tax impact, and put you in the best position. You have a busy life and don’t want to add the worries of estate planning to your to-do list.

5. Alternative Dispute Resolution

Family law is not just about dealing with issues in court. There is a real push to resolve family issues before going to court. Going to court is expensive and time-consuming, so it’s cheaper and more beneficial to resolve the issue by alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

ADR is a confidential process where an impartial third party will help people resolve their disputes rather than going through the more complex court system. There are different types of ADRs including mediation or arbitration.

In mediation, you work with a third party who will help the parties reach an agreement but not offer their own opinions. Arbitration is a more formal proceeding where the matter is resolved by an arbitrator. Unlike mediation, the arbitrator will make a decision that is binding.

Family lawyers in Parramatta will help you mediate when needed. If that doesn’t work out, we will help you put your best foot forward in arbitration.

Looking For Family Lawyers Parramatta?

Now you know why you need family lawyers Parramatta. It’s not just about filing the right paperwork. You need an advocate by your side, who is willing to fight for your rights.

Family problems impact you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Let us make things easier for you by contacting us for an appointment today. Working with experts in the industry, you can concentrate on getting your life back rather than worrying about the intricacies of the law.

What Is The Purpose Of Estate Administration Lawyers

When you need an estate administration lawyer you need to fully understand what they do and how they can serve the best interests of the will or trust holder. As a guiding force given the power to ensure the correct distribution of an account, these legal professionals ensure that in the case of death everything is kept in line with the wishes of the deceased. Whether dealing with property or finances, there are many elements to be taken care of, and this ensures that a trusted professional can handle every element with an expert and unbias eye.


Estrangement and Contesting a Will.

The late Mr Rathswohl had 3 adult children. Less than a year before he passed away, the late Mr Rathswohl changed his Will preferring his youngest daughter above his other 2 children and left that child his house. The youngest daughter had also been appointed Attorney for her father and transferred almost all the monies in her father’s accounts and Term deposits into her own name. The effect was that our client and his other sister received nothing from their late father’s estate.