Why Go To An Accredited Specialist For A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Is it really worth going to see an Accredited Specialist for a Motor Vehicle Accident as many law firms say they practice in Compensation Claims. and “No Win – No Fee”. What does this mean?


Yes, it is really worth going to see an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law if you have been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident.


What is an Accredited Specialist?


An Accredited Specialist is a lawyer who has been recognised by the Law Society of New South Wales as having specialist experience in an area of law.


It’s not easy to become an Accredited Specialist. Lawyers who are Accredited Specialists have passed the New South Wales Law Society, rigorous Accredited Specialist Scheme and earned the right to use the words “Accredited Specialist” after their name. The words “Accredited Specialist”, will be followed by the area of law in which they are accredited. For lawyers who have been recognised as specialists in Motor Vehicle Law, they will be referred to as Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law.


What’s the difference between an Accredited Specialist and another lawyer?


It is true that many law firms say they practice in compensation law, however this does not mean that they are an Accredited Specialist in this area of the law. To ensure that you are getting advice from a compensation specialist, you need to look for the words Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law.


Legal advice from an Accredited Specialist is legal advice from a lawyer with extensive, and recognised, expertise in compensation law. It is legal advice from a lawyer who spends the majority of their time practicing compensation law and understands the complexities of the different compensation schemes, in New South Wales, such as the motor accidents compensation scheme and the workers compensation scheme.


What does “No Win No Fee” mean?

The thought of incurring legal bills at a time when you may not be working because of a Motor Vehicle accident can stop you seeking the legal advice that you need.

To overcome this, Frank Boitano has a “No Win No Fee” policy for people injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident, who need legal assistance and advice on their compensation entitlements.

“No Win No Fee” means that you do not have to pay any legal fees unless your claim for Motor Vehicle Accident compensation is successful. This removes the fear of incurring a legal debt, that you may not be able to afford whilst ensuring that you do not miss out on your entitlement to receive Motor Vehicle Accident compensation for your injuries.

If you have been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident, the legal advice and assistance that you need is available without the stress of walking away with a debt, if your compensation claim is unsuccessful.

If you have suffered a Motor Vehicle Accident and need specialist advice you need to speak to Frank Boitano an Accredited Specialis, an expert in Motor Vehicle Accident compensation law. Call Barwick Boitano today on (02) 9630 0444 or email on fjb@bblawyers.com for an appointment.

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