SUV’S And Four Wheel Drives – Are They A Safe Option?

My husband was involved in an accident in his SUV, we didn’t realize that these type of vehicles had a higher risk of rollovers accidents?

SUV and Four Wheel Drives have a high centre of gravity and therefore have a greater tendency to be involved in rollover incidents.

If you have been involved in this type of incident, you need to seek expert legal advice from an Accredited Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer, like Frank Boitano.
A Monash University report on SUV and Four Wheel Drives, found that rollover risk and the incident rat,e in comparison to other passenger vehicles, made the following findings on 4WD rollover incidents:

  • The risk of an SUV rollover is high with SUV’s and Four Wheel Drives, having a high rate of fatality when involved in a rollovers


  • A situation of particularly high risk for a Four Wheel Drive rollover incident occurred when teenagers or inexperienced drivers were driving the Four Wheel Drive, as they are more unstable and more difficult to control than cars.

What do I do if a loved one has involved in a 4WD Rollover Incident?


In New South Wales, people involved in an incident causing them harm, including SUV’s and Four Wheel Drive rollover incidents, that were not their fault, or only partially their fault, are entitled to compensation under the road and traffic compensation scheme. This compensation is available whether you were the driver, or a passenger involved in the incident and can include the following components:


–       Prior to the finalisation of your compensation, you can receive early payment of your medical expenses and loss of income (seek legal advice for maximum’s available). This early payment can greatly assist in meeting your medical expenses including hospital, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation expenses.

–       Economic loss including past and future loss of income.

–       Payment of medical expenses including hospital, rehabilitation and travel expenses to attend these appointments.

–       Non-economic loss for pain and suffering if the incident has resulted in a whole person impairment of ten per cent or more.


If the incident is severe you may be eligible for the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme which supports those who have suffered catastrophic harm, resulting in the incident.
If the accident has resulted in a death, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation under the road and traffic compensation scheme. This compensation is available to those who have lost a family member one in a road accident and can include:


–       Payment for the funeral expenses of your loved one;

–       Compensation for loss of any financial support that was provided by your loved one;

–       Compensation for any loss of income from the date of the accident to the date of death;

–       Payment of medical and hospital expenses.


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