Understanding Compensation When Injured At Work

When dealing with compensation at work as an injured employee you need to seek legal help from a skilled professional to ensure you are guided through the process responsibly. When managed correctly you can protect yourself and ensure you are covered in a worst-case scenario. Read on to find out all you need to know about making these claims and winning your case.

Understanding Claims 

If you are harmed or hurt in your place of work and your business or insurance is disputing your claim, your lawyer must first collect all aspects of evidence. With insight and experience into the requirements of evidence, they can guide the assessment and find elements in support of your injury. When also being assessed by a medico-legal doctor your legal guide can have a complete picture of what you are dealing with. Your case may vary depending on the context and situation, but an expert can ensure your claim is managed actively and efficiently.  Once processed your matter will be referred to the Workers Comp. Commission, or the WCC. This body is a tribunal that makes decisions on workplace claims of this nature.

The Process 

Once an application for a claim has been processed, an arbitrator will be actively appointed to your case to manage proceedings. A telephone conference will need to take place between you, the arbitrator, your lawyer and the insurer. This will happen within five weeks of the application being lodged. The call is in order to discuss the issues at hand and discover each side of the dispute. If it turns out that your claim cannot be settled within the time of the phone call, it will be listed for conciliation that will take place within three weeks. If this is not the case, it is more than likely you will receive a referral to an approved medical specialist to make a thorough and determined conclusion about the injuries you have faced. If there is still no bounding assessment, you will then proceed to an evidence-based claim whereby your case will be judged by an arbitrator. They will look through the information and make the most educated decision possible about the outcome

When you understand the meaning of compensation when you are injured at work you can responsibly manage the situation if or when it happens to you. With legal minds to guide you, our team can assist with a number of disputes and claims. Be sure to contact our team right away and you need assistance.