How to Pick the Right Compensation Lawyer

Between 2018 and 2019, Australia spent more than $1,068.1 million on 115,707 worker compensation claims. However, with the funds set aside, most of the claims were either delayed or not paid at all. You can imagine the stress of not receiving your due when you are in desperate need.

Hiring a lawyer can sometimes mean the difference between having your claim approved and being able to appeal it successfully if it is denied.

You would like to ensure that you choose an appropriate workers’ compensation attorney. Many compensation law firms will advertise that they handle workers’ compensation cases, but you must find the right lawyer for you and your case.

Selecting the wrong lawyer can have a significant effect on your family’s future and whether you can maintain your family’s lifestyle.

Here are tips for hiring the right compensation lawyer.


A compensation dispute can be pretty complicated to work through. If you’ve never been in this situation before, it is challenging to know where to begin.

It’s even harder to get a solution if you don’t understand the basics. That’s why depending on an experienced compensation lawyer can make a difference.

The right lawyer for your case will be one with a good experience. One who has previously handled cases like yours several times.

Experience makes them uniquely qualified to evaluate your case and provide solutions and strategies. It makes them familiar with the ins and outs of the court process and the laws associated with the matter.

The more experienced an attorney is, the more likely they’ll guide your case towards the goal you hope to achieve.

Success Rate on Previous Cases

Some attorneys disclose the results of their past cases, and others don’t.

If the attorney is not willing to provide information about the success rate of their past cases, you can automatically consider it to be a red flag. A lawyer who has excellently performed in their work shouldn’t shy off from showing the results.

The attorney’s performance on the previous claims will help you determine the chance of getting your compensation once you hire their services.


When looking to get compensation from your employer, you need a lawyer who will be in constant communication, updating you on the case’s progress.

You also have to consider how they communicate, how often they prefer to talk, and their preferred mode of communication.

Each attorney is different and will communicate differently. Some will choose to do it through calls, texts, and emails.

If the communication methods matter to you, discuss your preferred mode before hiring their services.


This may seem like an odd consideration when hiring a compensation lawyer. But do you imagine dealing with an attorney you don’t get along with?

While working with an attorney, you must relate well. This makes it easy to bring up issues and come up with solutions.

A good connection with your attorney also determines whether they’ll put your case first.

To determine how well you connect and relate with the attorney, meet in person first. Evaluate whether you feel at ease when conversing and how free you’re to ask questions.

Testimonies and Reviews

Find out what the past clients have to say about their services. Do they consider your potential lawyer the best?

You’ll find out this information by reading online reviews. Positive reviews and ratings show how good the lawyer is in their work. For trustworthy uncensored reviews, visit the Better Business Bureau website.


You wouldn’t hire an optician to handle knee surgery. Same case when looking for a compensation attorney. You have to retain one who has fully specialized in handling worker’s compensation matters.

Compensation cases have their own body of laws and judges. You, therefore, have to hire an expert who is familiar with the procedures and intricacies of the law.

Law firms with fully specialized worker compensation cases also have professional connections with medical centers. As their client, they’ll assist you access quality treatment services from these clinics.


To attain full and fair compensation, you need to be willing to take the case to trial. Otherwise, your employer will have no incentive to negotiate a reasonable settlement.

Your attorney must be willing to prepare for the litigation possibility thoroughly. If your employer isn’t ready to negotiate in good faith, you should be prepared to pursue full damages on trial.

A good lawyer will fully commit to your case from the beginning to the end. You should never at any point have to follow them up. Confirm their availability before hiring them.

Pay Structure

One of the most significant aspects you’ll want to clarify before bringing the lawyer onto your case is how they get paid.

Most compensation attorneys don’t charge by hours as many lawyers do. In most cases, they ask for what is known as a contingency fee.

Some laws limit how much compensation an attorney can take home after a case win. This means that you’ll not need to pay during the run of the case.

If you don’t win the case, you owe the attorney no money.

Therefore, it is wise to seek clarity with the attorney before you hire their services. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard when the time comes to offer a percentage of your compensation.

Hire the Best Compensation Law Firms

Selecting the perfect worker’s compensation attorney may not be at the top of your priority list if you’ve been injured on the job. You are most likely dealing with the stress of the injury, the hardship of losing money, and the change that comes with it all.

However, by following the above tips, you will easily find a worker’s compensation lawyer who is right for you!

Contact us right away if you’ve been injured on the job and need to hire an attorney from one of the best compensation law firms, and we’ll fight for what you deserve.