Parramatta Lawyers: How To Find the Best Lawyer for You

As of 2020, there were more than 13,000 operating lawyers in Australia. However, these lawyers are different, and not all can suit your legal needs and budget. You need to pick perfect Parramatta lawyers to offer you quality legal representation.

Hiring the right lawyer increases the possibility of winning your case. They show up in the court and present the strongest case to defend your interests. They file legal documents correctly and submit them on time to avoid ruining your case.

Do you want to learn how to choose a good lawyer for your lawsuit? Here are tips for finding the best lawyers in Parramatta.

Ask for Recommendations

Going blindly to look for the best Parramatta lawyer isn’t a good idea. You’ll have a multitude of lawyers to analyze and compare to select a good fit for your case.

Researching many lawyers can be difficult and time-intensive. So, you might be tempted to settle for the lawyer you’ll come across first when searching. By doing so, you might get a chance to work with the best attorney in Parramatta.

Obtain referrals before you begin searching to simplify your work. With a list of potential lawyers, you don’t have to research all the attorneys in your area. You need to focus on those few options, compare them and pick the most suitable one.

To develop a referral list, contact your friends who have recently dealt with a case similar to yours. Ask your friends or family about their lawyer and if they’d recommend them to other people.

Don’t include them in your list if they didn’t enjoy peace of mind working with the lawyer. But if otherwise, don’t hesitate to ask for their contact details.

You can also obtain referrals online. Search the best lawyers in your area and identify the most recommended ones.

Conduct an Interview

After creating a referral list, don’t be complacent. Contact each lawyer and book an appointment to interview them.

Interviewing a lawyer gives you a chance to know them better and determine if they can make a good choice. You learn more about their background and services and make informed decisions. Hence, you increase the quality of your hire.

Interviewing a candidate isn’t as easy as you might think. You need to prepare for the interview to avoid leaving your curiosity unsatisfied.

Create a list of all the questions you’d want to ask during the interview beforehand. You can ask them about things like;

  •  Area of specialization
  •  Qualifications and experience
  •  Service costs
  •  Mode of payment and communication
  •  Location and availability

Also, inquire about the number of cases they have handled and their track record.

During the interview, be keen to see how the lawyer responds to your questions. Good lawyers are honest and provide detailed and thoughtful feedback. They’re not in haste to end the interview; they take time to enhance understanding and clarity.

When interviewing every lawyer, remember to write down good notes. You’ll need to compare them when making your final hiring decisions.

Consider Qualifications and Experience

Before choosing a lawyer, look at their academic qualifications first. Confirm they have a law degree from a recognized university. Ensure they passed their Bar exams and have a valid license to practice law in your area.

Also, check if a lawyer is a registered member of a body regulating attorneys. A lawyer must be qualified and certified to become a member of such bodies.

When checking the lawyer’s qualifications, don’t trust their words of mouth. Some lawyers don’t have the certificates to prove their qualifications. Ask your potential attorney to provide copies of their qualification certificates.

In addition to qualifications, check if a lawyer has experience in your area of interest. A lawyer can have excellent academic qualifications but have little or no experience.

To gauge a lawyer’s experience, confirm the number of years they have been practising law. The more the years, the higher the expertise and skills.

Also, check their track record to confirm the number of cases they have won. If they’ve got a successful track record, they’ve got higher experience in that area.

Consider Fees

Unless you’re getting pro bono services, you’ll need to pay your lawyer for their services. So, choose an attorney you can afford to pay without facing financial difficulties.

Lawyers charge different costs; compare them to pick the one that fits your budget. While experienced lawyers charge higher fees, don’t choose those with exorbitant costs. Find a lawyer that’ll give you the most value at reasonable fees.

When budgeting for legal services, don’t be stingy and create a limited budget. This can make you compromise on your needs and the lawyer’s competence.

If possible, choose a lawyer that charges on a contingency basis. These lawyers have a lot of confidence in their work and strive to win your case. You only pay them if they achieve a favourable outcome.

Check Availability

Your lawyer’s availability has a significant impact on the outcome of your case. So, hire an attorney who has adequate time to deal with your lawsuit.

To confirm your lawyer’s availability, look at their caseload. Do they have many pending cases?

If they appear overworked, look for another lawyer to work on your case. Some lawyers can delegate your case to their staff if they have a tight schedule. This can increase the chances of failing as some juniors are inexperienced.

Choose the Best Parramatta Lawyers

Choosing the best lawyers in Parramatta isn’t a cinch. You need to comb through the options available to find a perfect lawyer for your case. Without a clue about what to consider when choosing a lawyer, this can be difficult.

To help you, the above are tips for finding the right Parramatta lawyers.

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